We are a global minded, anxiously anticipating our expansion beyond the borders of the State of Texas. The Barren Land’s vision is to disintegrate homelessness through the establishment of entrepreneurial opportunities.



The Barren Land’s mission is to establish homeless individuals as small business entrepreneurs by cultivating their vision, giving them hope, support, earned income and empowerment to gain confidence while standing firm on the platform of their new business.



For years, Amy has done mission work in the jungles of Iquitos, Peru where she felt her efforts were needed. Unfortunately, initially, Amy did not “see” homeless people in the USA because she figured, “the government” would take care of them if they would just try. It wasn’t until The Lord opened her eyes recently, after starting a bible study with a group of women under the I-30 bridge that Amy developed a passion for providing a permanent solution to homelessness. Week by week, Amy noticed various organizations traveling to the area to treat the symptoms of homelessness; feed the hungry “a” meal, provide them with “a” tent, “a” doctor’s visit, clothes, etc. One thing she noticed was that no one was addressing the root, just band aiding the symptoms.



Amy Cannon

Amy Cannon

Founder & CEO View Details
Amy Cannon

Amy Cannon

Founder & CEO

Amy Cannon has been serving the community through healthcare since 2004. As a lover of outreach, she as held many positions in the healthcare arena where she worked as a Registered Nurse. Currently, Amy serves as the Director of Health Services for a local company overseeing 28 health clinics. In addition, she is an entrepreneur, the Founder/CEO of The Barren Land. Amy has always had a heart to serve people, particularly individuals who have not been afforded the same opportunities that she has. Out of this heart mission, The Barren Land was born. Amy brings to the organization her infectious personality, credibility, authenticity and a vision are that will enliven each opportunity with hope, inspiration and love.